Kindle Oasis E-Reader Product Description

The Kindle Oasis is Amazon’s top of the range e-reader and is designed to give the reader the best possible reading experience. With a price tag of £269.99, compared to the best-selling Paperwhite (£69.99), what exactly does this top end e-reader have to offer?

The most distinctive feature of the Oasis is its shape – a tapering, asymmetrical design offering the reader a more balanced and comfortable one handed grip. The ergonomics are complemented by a low weight of just 131 – 133 grams; only about a quarter of the weight of an average paperback. At just 3.4 – 8.5mm thick, and 122 x 143mm this is a very compact device and should fit easily into a bag or pocket for maximum portability.

While the Oasis retains the Paperwhite’s familiar 6”, 300 ppi, touchscreen, the additional page turn buttons, which adapt automatically to left- or right-handed orientations, are intended to make one-handed page turns easy. With 60% more LEDs than the Paperwhite, the Oasis has improved lighting consistency across the screen, and lights aimed from the front, as in this model, can help to reduce eye strain.

Included with the Kindle Oasis is an easily removable, magnetic, leather cover (available in three classic colours) which both protects the Oasis screen when not in use and boosts battery power, allowing up to six weeks between charges*. As with the Paperwhite’s leather cover (sold separately) there is no clasp to hold the cover closed, which some customers have claimed is a drawback, but many are nonetheless impressed with the cover’s build quality and design.

The Oasis is available with Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi + 3G (allowing the reader free access to the Amazon Kindle bookstore, and their personal Kindle Library to download books anywhere). With the same software features that are familiar to any touchscreen Kindle reader, it is the lightness, comfort, and non-intrusive reading experience that sets the Oasis above its stablemates.

*based on 30 minutes use per day with lights on 10.